The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insures a number of loan programs to help you become a homeowner, and we can help you find a lender with the right FHA loan products.

*1st time homebuyers

*Low Down payment Options

*Programs for lower credit score borrowers

*Available financing for your dream home purchase



VA loans are great program for veterans, which offer no money down payment & lower credit scores.  In addition, VA loans offer competitive rates and no mortgage insurance (PMI) which means lower monthly payments than conventional loans.

*Qualified Veterans

*100% financing available – No down payment required to purchase

*Low to no reserve requirements

*Seller may contribute towards closing costs



You can purchase your next home in a designated rural area with no money down with the Guaranteed Rural Housing Loan Program.  These loans are eligible in a wide range of non-metropolitan statistical areas, including some suburbs.

*Available to low- and moderate-income borrowers

*New construction properties are eligible

*100% financing available

*No asset or reserve requirements and gift funds are allowed

*Loan amounts as high as $417,000


Fannie Mae Homeready

The Fannie Mae Homeready program has a variety of options to help low-moderate income borrowers purchase their home.

*No 1st time homebuyer requirement

*Credit Scores as low as 620

*Homeowner education is required

*Owner occupied 1-4 units, condos

*Lower mortgage insurance coverage requirements  for LTV’s > 90%


Freddie Mac Home Possible

Freddie Mac Home Possible programs offer 1st time homebuyers & low –moderate income borrowers low down payment & source of funds

*Borrowers own funds are not required for the down payment

*Borrowers are not required to be 1st time homebuyers

*Homeowner education is required

*Income and property restrictions apply per Freddie Mac guidelines

*Lower mortgage insurance cost due to lower MI coverage requirements


Jumbo Loans

Looking for a big loan with great terms?

*Fixed Rate and ARM loan options

*Loan Amounts from $417,000 & up

*Can use business funds and retirement assets to qualify.

*No prepayment penalties

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